Treatment and Equipment for Bio-organic Fertilizer Production from Cattle Manure

The treatment of farm waste and livestock manure by fertilizer equipment to produce compound microbial fertilizer, which is an effective way to solve the pollution of livestock and poultry farming. Bio-organic fertilizer produced by cow manure is a new type of microbial organic compound fertilizer with multiple elements. This fertilizer not only contains active microorganisms with high efficiency of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium dissolution, but also contains rich organic matter and trace elements.

1Cattle manure bio-organic fertilizer has the advantages of long-lasting fertilizer effect and soil improvement. The specific bioactive substances in fertilizer can promote the reproduction of soil microorganisms, increase soil permeability and air permeability, and decompose NPK fixed by soil.

2Cattle manure organic fertilizer is processed by mechanized bio-organic fertilizer production process. The product is pollution-free. Bio-organic fertilizer can accelerate the decomposition of organic matter such as plant straw and weeds, activate soil and improve fertilizer utilization rate.

3Organic fertilizer is treated by the equipment of bio-organic fertilizer production line. The product has the function of anti-insect and bactericidal, and overcomes the environmental pollution caused by the large number of pesticides.

Fresh cow manure usually contains about 80% to 85% water and 8% to 10% organic matter, among which cellulose and protein are the main organic matter. Fresh cow manure has a certain odor, contains harmful microorganisms, low fertilizer efficiency, can not be directly applied to the soil as fertilizer. Therefore. Cattle manure can not be directly used in agricultural production, it must be compost fermentation, organic fertilizer equipment treatment.

Fermentation Control of Cow Manure Bio-Organic Fertilizer Production
Fermentation tank composting is used in the cow manure organic fertilizer production. The whole process changes with the temperature of fermentation process. The material was placed in the fermentation tank, and the temperature increased after 1 day. After 2 days, the compost temperature rose to above 55℃. After 3 days, the temperature rose to 55-60℃. The temperature began to decrease gradually on the sixth day, and the whole fermentation cycle was about 10-15 days, cow dung is finished fermentation. In order to ensure uniform fermentation of the materials, the materials should be turned over regularly, and the composting machine should be used to turn the compost every 1-2 days. The whole fermentation process does not need to be controlled manually. The compost turner creates a good fermentation environment for composting, so that the microorganisms fully decompose the organic matter in the cow dung, and the compost after the fermentation removes the odor.
Fermentation of Cow Manure Bio-Organic Fertilizer Production

The compost after fermentation is fed into the organic fertilizer production equipment for further processing, and bio-organic fertilizer can be obtained. Bio-organic fertilizer treatment processes include grinding, stirring, granulation, screening, drying and cooling. The main bio-organic fertilizer production equipment are grinder, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, screening machine, dryer, cooler, packaging machine. According to the different degree of processing and automation, fertilizer equipment can be increased or reduced appropriately.
Cattle Manure Bio-Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment