Double roller press granulator produces granular ammonium bicarbonate and granular phosphorus fertilizer

The double roller press granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulation equipment which adopts dry extrusion method. It can be produced at room temperature without affecting the properties of compound fertilizer. It has good granulation effect on granular ammonium carbonate and granular phosphorus fertilizer.

double roller press granulator

The double roller press granulator can produce granular phosphate fertilizer. Heavy calcium and ordinary calcium have large water content, and also contain free acid, which is easy to absorb moisture and caking, and inconvenient to apply. Granular phosphate fertilizer is made from heavy calcium, common calcium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and phosphate rock powder, and the effect of fertilizer is good. The roller granulator extrudes these raw materials into granules without changing the properties of raw materials and has better granulation effect. Granular phosphate fertilizer contains water-soluble phosphate fertilizer, structure-soluble phosphate fertilizer and insoluble phosphate fertilizer. Its fertility is quick and lasting, and it is easy to apply in agricultural production. When granular phosphate fertilizer is processed by roller granulator, the raw material contains less nitrogen, and the fertilizer effect is better than that of simple phosphate fertilizer.

The double roller press granulator can also be dedicate to produce ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer. Ammonium bicarbonate is not only inexpensive in nitrogen fertilizer varieties, but also superior to other nitrogen fertilizers in agricultural chemical properties. The ammonia ions, water and carbon dioxide contained in the ammonium bicarbonate are essential nutrients for plants. Ammonium bicarbonate is suitable for all kinds of soils and crops. It is not easy to volatilize nitrogen and leach nitrogen. However, ammonium bicarbonate is volatile, deliquescent and caking, which makes storage and use inconvenient. After the ammonium carbonate is extruded into granules by the roller granulator, the moisture content of the fertilizer is low and the nitrogen content is high. Granular ammonium bicarbonate is not caked, not deliquescent, easy to sow in agriculture, slow decomposition of fertilizers, long fertilizer efficiency, high utilization of fertilizers, good crop yield.