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Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line

Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line

Model: YSL//HP/KP      
Motor Power: 1-20t/h

Rotary drum granulation production line is widely used in NPK compound fertilizer production.The granulation production process is to send each basic fertilizer raw material into its own storage hopper, according to the requirements of formula proportions, through the computer-controlled metering and conveying equipment, and sent into the raw material crushing or secondary remixing or storage hopper, each basic fertilizer, fine material and crushed coarse granules are returned to the granulation equipment through belts for granulation. The new blended raw materials are fed into drum granulator. At the same time, the saturated steam is fed into the material layer as required, so that the granulation process can be granulated at a lower moisture content, which not only raises the temperature of the material, but also causes the material to be humidified, thereby reducing the drying load. But, it depends on the granulation rate, if necessary, a small amount of water or fertilizer solution may be sprayed on the material to maintain the optimum liquid phase for the granulation of the material. 


Features of rotary drum granulation production line:
1.The granulation rate can reach 70%, there will be a small amount of return material, the size of them is small, and it will be granulated into pellets again.
2. Using the steam heating to raise the temperature of the material, that makes the material low in moisture after balling, and improve the drying efficiency.
3. Using the rubber engineering plastic as the lining, raw materials are not easy to stick to the tube, and it plays a role in anti-corrosion insulation. 
4. It has larger output, the less power consumption, and the lower maintenance cost.

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