Huaqiang Cow Manure bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line

  Huaqiang cow manure bio organic Fertilizer Production Line manufactured by Zhengzhou Huaqinag. This bio organic fertilizer production line not only can produce the cow manure, but also can convert the pig manure, chiken manure and other livestock and poultry manure , agricultural waste. 
  If the cow manure cant be disposed well,  it will pollute the soil and water to influence the crops growth, also influce the daily life of residents near the farming. this cow manure oranic fertilizer makes the waste into the treasure for providing the nutrients to the plant.  Cow manure derived product from cow waste contains plenties of nutrition ingredients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and other microelements, which can promote the siol’s moisture-holding nutrient-holding capacities, and fertilities to increase the yield of grain crop, create the additional high income from the organic sales market and protect our environment. If u have a farming, it is necessary to choose the suitable organic fertilzer production line.
Cow manure bio organic fertilizer production line
The main process of Huaqiang cow manure bio organic fertilizer production line: composting process and granulting process.

1.Composting fermentation process
 Cow manure should not be used before compost, because fresh manure with dangerous bacteria might hurt crop , and it contains grass or weed seeds that would lead to havoc for plant growing. Otherwise, undecomposed cow manure bant be absorbed by the plant, it will also burn the roots of plant. it is essential to compost cow manure in the bio organic fertilizer production processing plant,Take cow manure as the raw materials, and add propotional organic substances like vegetable waste, garden debris, sawdust,and straw etc for better composting and fermentation. here we should use the hydraulic type groove turning machine to turn and mix the compost pile for better aerobic fermentation.  The fermentation temperature should be controlled within 65 ℃, the compost time is 15-20 days, the finishing criterion of cow manure when the manure compost has brown or dark brown color due to the obvious increasing of ammonium nitrogen content, it smells of odors of compost but no dung, which has better absorption by crops after fermentation.
2.Granulation process
  The granulating process has high standard for the raw materials, so the organic fertilizer cow manure raw materials should be grinded into the fine powder for better granulation process. Fertilizer half- wet material crusher will crush the cow manure thoroughly, and crushing size should meet the requirements of fine powder for granulation. next which need to be mixed by the horizontal mixer with high uniformity.
   Next the core section is granulation in the process of high-quality cow manure bio organic fertilzer production line. In oreder to make smooth granulating process, remember to choose a suitable the new type organic fertilizer granulator, which is continuously achieve granulation process, the granulating rate is higher than 95%. Then the granules coming from the new type organic fertilizer granulator have high moisture content and should fed into the Rotary Dryer through Belt Conveyor for drying to meet the fertilizer quality standard, this drying process need the gas stove to provide the heat source, and cyclone dust is also to be used here for the dust removel,  to avoid the death of effective live bacteria because of the high temperature during drying process, the material drying temperature shall not be higher than 65 ℃. 
To remove moisture and quicken the heat dissipation of granules after drying for storage and packing, we need to use the fertilizer rotary cooler. Because Cooled fertilizer granules have not unifrom size,the finished products can be evenly classified, unqualified granules will be screened by the fertilizer rotary screener, which  returned into the chain crusher and was grinded into the powder for the second granulation. qualified granules enter the Granules Fertilizer Packaging Machine with high efficiency for final quantitative packaging and shorten the production cycle.
 The development of organic farm and food are based on developing manure organic fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency .so the growth of fertilizer procuction industry has significant social benefit in cultivating new economic growth points, improving the quality of subsidiary agricultural products, increasing farmers income and realizing sustainable agriculture development. High-Output and Cow Manure bio Organic Fertilizer  Production Line is the best livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer production line, it can processes the pig manure and chicken manure, straw crops, household grabage into the organic fertilizer. We are the leading manufacturer of fertilizer machine and fertilizer production line of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer -Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry. We provide the 30kt to 80kt organic fertilizer production line, npk compound fertilizer production line, bb fertilizerproduction line, inorganic fertilizer production line with low cost and high-quality, large yields.
Our sucessful cases of organic fertilizer production line: 
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