Processing Process of Bio-organic Fertilizer Making Machine

Bio-organic fertilizer making machine produces high-quality bio-organic fertilizer, which alleviates the problem of soil nutrient decline and product quality decline due to long-term use of chemical fertilizer. Bio-organic fertilizer production process is based on soil beneficial microorganisms (including nitrogen fixation, phosphorus, potassium release and fungi that stimulate crop growth and disease resistance) as the core source of fertilizer and bio-active compound fertilizer with organic, inorganic and trace elements as carriers.

Bio-organic fertilizer making machine is a series of fertilizer equipment designed by scientific research. It can produce odorless, harmless, high-yield fertilizer with low production cost and simple operation.
bio-organic fertilizer making machine

The fermentation of bio-organic fertilizer is to evenly put the compost raw materials into the fermentation tank, so that the temperature of the compost can be raised to remove the germs, insects and eggs, so as to achieve harmless. Due to the high moisture content of fresh livestock and poultry manure, it is sometimes necessary to use a dehydrator to remove raw material moisture. In addition to the use of dehydrators, besides water, the production of bio-organic fertilizers generally uses the addition of dry, organic-rich straw in fresh manure to regulate water content. In the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, compost turner is used regularly to mechanically dump materials to increase oxygen in materials.

Fermented compost can be used as raw material for bio-organic fertilizer production line to produce high-quality commercial organic fertilizer. The compost is processed by a half-wet material crusher into powder, and then enters the batching system. According to the formula of bio-organic fertilizer, specific microbial agents and other nutrients are added to complete the batching. Material is evenly mixed and transported to the organic fertilizer granulator. Bio-organic fertilizer granules can be easily stored and transported. At the same time, bio-organic fertilizer granules can help to prolong fertilizer efficiency and reduce nutrient loss in soil. Bio-organic fertilizer particles are dried and cooled, and the qualified particles are the products we need.
processing flow of bio-organic fertilizer making machine