Disc Granulator of Organic Fertilizer And NPK Compound Fertilizer Production

   In the production of organic fertilizer and npk compound fertilizer, disc granulator is the main equipment in the granulating process. The most important part of the whole disc granulator is the granulation tray, and the whole center of gravity of the granulation plate is installed on the adjusting part. Our company has adopted the welding of excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed the strict quality certification. All of them have met the requirements of this machine.
  The transmission part of the whole machine is particularly important, and the whole work is done according to it. The motor and reducer on the transmission regulating rack are all purchased from the ISO/9001 quality system certification free product, and the quality is reliable.
  In the whole organic fertilizer production line and npk fertilizer production line, the production capacity is 0.1-5 tons/h,  5 Tons Per hour Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line with Large-output is the appliction of this granulator in our company  for our clients in different countries.
  Organic fertilizer disc granulation production line can process organic fertilizer and npk fertilizer.The organic fertilizer disc granulation production line has the advantages of short production process, simple structure, less investment and easy operation, and is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  The organic fertilizer disc granulation production line has rich raw material resources. The equipment may differ for different materials.
1.Animal waste, animal manure, such as chicken, pig, cattle, sheep, horse, rabbit, animal residue, such as fish meal, bone meal, feather, fur, silkworm excrement, biogas residue, etc.
2.Agricultural wastes. Crop straw, vine, soybean mean, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, caster bean meal, tea seed meal, yeast powder, mushroom residue, etc.
3.Industrial waste. Vinasse, vinegar residue, manioc waste, filter mud, herb residue, furfural residue, etc.
4.Municipal sludge. River sludge, pound sludge, ditch sludge, sea mud, lake mud, sewage sludge, humic acid, turf, lignite, danty, organic fertilizer production line, fertilizer granules fly, ash, etc.
5. Household garbage. Kitchen waste, etc.
6.Extracted or concentrated organics, seaweed extract, fish extract, etc.