What Is The Difference Between Organic Fertilizer, Bio-organic Fertilizer, Bacterial Fertilizer And Farmyard Manure?

   As long as there is a kind of material containing carbon source can become organic fertilizer, from the way of production, which divided into natural organic fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, bio- organic fertilizer. What Is The Difference Between Organic Fertilizer, Bio-organic Fertilizer, Bacterial Fertilizer and Farmyard Manure?
   Organic fertilizer containing more organic matter, organic fertilizer comes from animal and plant organisms, livestock and poultry manure and other wastes. However, the organic fertilizers we buy in the market are all organic fertilizers that have been completely decomposed. They are beneficial microorganisms that can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil. They are odorless and easy to transport.
  Organic fertilizer can provide a variety of nutrients for the growth of crops. Although the efficiency of organic fertilizer is slow, its efficiency is long-lasting. It can also improve the soil structure, increase the activity of soil, and provide nutrients that cannot be provided by chemical fertilizers for crops.

  Bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of bacterial fertilizer, which is completely mature, compared with farm manure, its egg mortality rate is more than 95%, which is relatively safe for crops, and there is no smell of farm manure, fertilizer is more uniform, it is convenient to use.
And bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of bacterial fertilizer, with a specific function of microorganisms and mainly animal and plant remains (such as livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, etc.) as the source, and after harmless treatment, maturity of organic materials from the compound. In the process of commercial production, it mainly USES the fermentation and decomposition of microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of full decomposition and sterilization. including cake fertilizer, compost fertilizer, biogas fertilizer, bacterial fertilizer and so on
  Farmyard manure is a kind of fertilizer made by farmer's own, mainly containing green manure, farmyard manure, compost fertilizer. Which is not completely mature, low harmless degree, there are a lot of residual harmful bacteria, viruses, eggs, weed seeds, easy to burn roots, not easy to be sold as commercial fertilizer.
  Bacterial fertilizer includes microbial agent, biological organic fertilizer, and compound microbial fertilizer. The main function of bacterial fertilizer is determined by living bacteria, which decompose nutrients in the soil into nutrients that plants can absorb.
The good and bad effects of bacterial fertilizer are reflected in the environment and activity of the bacterial community. In order to achieve good soil improvement and extend the service life of the soil, it is necessary to ensure that the bacteria are in a living state and can continuously reproduce.