How To Apply Organic Fertilizer To Peach Cultivation?

  Dig ditches when applying organic fertilizer so that nutrients can be more fully absorbed. Choose 50% phosphate fertilizer or potash fertilizer.The amount of nitrogen should be about 40%, combined with organic fertilizer.The rest of the time should be devoted to the nutritional requirements for growth.It's going to be used in a couple of different times. If the leaves begin to fall, it should increase the use of fertilizer, before germination, can be sprayed with some urea solution, the concentration of 1%~3%, sprayed 2~3 times.
  Then, after the germination, by the middle of July, two more sprays, with an interval of about seven days. Finally, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution was sprayed again at a concentration of 0.3%-0.5%. Be sure to be shallow, not more than 30 centimeters deep.When applying fertilizer, make sure it is placed around the root system so that it can absorb nutrients better. The roots may be concentrated in the outer part of the crown, away from the tree.So at the right time pay attention to the fertilizer around the crown, a bit deeper and farther away, so that the roots can continue to develop into the interior, and the growth surface can be more wide, can better absorb fertilizer.
  Application of fertilizer in the spring time, every aspect should be noticed in this way, can guarantee the healthy growth of peach tree, but also for peach production has very important influence, so in the spring comes, must apply fertilizer on time, according to its growth conditions to choose different fertilizers, also should have when using different dosage can provide adequate nutrition to it. In the spring, we also should  do a good job of disease prevention, so that you can effectively prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases.