What Matters Need To Be Paid Attention When Applying Organic Fertilizer to Peach Cultivation?

  Cultivation area of Peach is gradually increasing, especially in recent years,There are many aspects that need to be paid attention to guarantee the quality of peaches and the yield. Many people fail to achieve the goal when planting peaches. Therefore, the planting benefit will be greatly affected.So what matters need to be paid attention when applying the organic fertilizer?
  Apply organic fertilizer early in spring, peach trees have the earliest activity time and earlier nutrient supply. If the temperature gradually rises after the beginning of spring, they need more nutrients. For peach trees, if they can be provided more nutrients during this period, they can ensure their demand.It is very important to choose the right fertilizer when applying fertilizer. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be 0.5 kg, and the amount of potash fertilizer should be 0.30 and 0.2 kg. It will be better if the fertilizer can be mixed with manure and urine. If you have a high-yield orchard of peach, a good advise is that our high-quality organic fertilizer production line with different output is a better choice.
  The formula of fertilizer must be complete, and more nutrients are needed after entering the fruiting period. At this time, more varieties of fertilizer should be applied. If a single nutrient is selected, the taste of the cultivated peaches will be particularly poor, the peach is still very small, and it is easy to appear yellow leaves, leaflets, fruit shrinkage and other phenomena.You can get more nutrients and you can add more fermented organic fertilizer.Choose organic fertilizer as the base for your fertilizer delivery, preferably after September in the fall or when it begins to thaw in the spring.