Advantages of Bio-organic Fertilizers

 Advanced bio-organic fertilizer production line can process high-quality bio organic fertilize with many advantages. the simple groove turning machine is the important equipment in the compost fermentation process of bio organic fertilizer raw materials.
Advantages of biological organic fertilizers:
1) Complete nutrient elements of biological organic fertilizer; Chemical fertilizers have only one or several nutrient elements.
2) Bio-organic fertilizer can improve soil; Frequent use of chemical fertilizers causes soil to harden.
3)Improve product quality; Excessive application of chemical fertilizers leads to poor quality of products.
4) Bio-organic fertilizers can improve the rhizosphere microflora of crops and the ability of plants to resist diseases and insects. Fertilizer is a single microbial population of crops, susceptible to diseases and insect pests.
5)Can promote the use of chemical fertilizers and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers; the only ues chemical fertilizer will result in the fixation and loss of nutrients.
(6)Bio-organic fertilizer is completely decomposed at high temperature, most of the pathogenic bacteria and eggs were killed, occurrence of diseases and insect pests will be reduced, will not burn roots or rot seedlings, and it is deodorized, almost no odor.
Therefore, bio organic fertilizer can improve the yield of crops and increate more economical value.