The Importance of Bio- organic Fertilizer

 Bio organic fertilizer is the food of plants and fertilization is an important way to ensure high and stable yield of crops in agricultural production. Only professional bio organic fertilizer production line and techonology can process high-quality bio organic fertilizer. 
 Although the use of chemical fertilizer in a certain time and a certain extent, improve the yield of crops, but the damage to  soil, water, agricultural products and environmental is increasing, such as soil acidification, harden, nutritional imbalance, groundwater contamination, Excessive levels of heavy metals and nitrates in agricultural products lead to a variety of ecological environmental pollution and human diseases.
  The Importance of Bio- organic Fertilizer:
 Due to heavy and indiscriminate application of chemical fertilizers without paying attention to the application of organic fertilizers, the lack of soil organic matter has led to the decline of soil fertility, which has become an important limiting factor affecting the sustainable development of agriculture, the stable and high yield of crops. Organic fertilizers usually contain more than 45% organic matter, more than 2.5% nitrogen and more than 2% phosphorus, they also contain various trace elements, they are not only good fertilizer sources, but also excellent soil conditioner.
  Therefore, the wide use of bio-organic fertilizer is the necessary way to realize the sustainable development of agricultural science in the future.