The Use of Bacteria Agent in Bio-organic Fertilizer Production

 In the production of bio organic fertilizer, the use of biological bacteria agent is very essential part. Add biological bacteria agent to promote decomposition of organic materials in the process of compost fermentation, so as to achieve the purpose of directional deodorization, microorganisms with specific functions..
Microbial strains are the core of biological organic fertilizer products. In the production process, there are two ways involving the use of microorganisms:
1. Add decomposing materials and bacteria agent with the function of deodorization.
2. Add the functional bacteria after the maturation of the organic material
   For the production of biological organic fertilizers, the screening and use of microbial strains is a core technology. Only master this key technology can accelerate the decompostion of materials,  guarantee the application effect of products.
Biological bacteria agent can speed up the compost fermentaton process, saving a lot of time in the production of bio organic fertilizer production process.Bio- organic fertilizer is mainly applied to economic crops with high added value, such as vegetables, fruits, Chinese herbal medicine, and has achieved good results. So we also learn how to choose a suitable  bio-ogranic fertilizer production line according to the different demands.