Method for solving the problem of cooler for fertilizer manufacturing machine

Drum cooler is a large-scale equipment commonly used in fertilizer and cement plants. Its operation will directly affect the output and economic benefits of products. The speed ratio of the drum cooler developed by our factory is 23.34. It can be used in the production and processing of various fertilizers such as organic fertilizer production line, NPK compound fertilizer production line and fertilizer granulating production line. Drum cooler is a heavy-duty rotary fertilizer making machine. To make it run smoothly, vibration is small and noise is low after installation, it must have correct installation and maintenance methods, and solve it in time when machine failure occurs.

During the operation of the fertilizer production line, the drum cooler may cause obvious vibration of the machine. For large fertilizer making machine, we need to check, adjust the meshing clearance between pinion and gear ring, strengthen the maintenance of transmission system in peacetime, and minimize the impact of rodents. In addition, due to various errors in installation, especially measurement errors, the inclination of the two supporting wheels may be inconsistent and there is a slight difference, so that there is an angle between the supporting wheels and the tyres. We can fine-tune the bracket seat by cushion iron to ensure good contact between the bracket wheel and the tyre. We also need to adjust the meshing clearance of the gear ring, check the gear tooth surface and clean the face change; align the main motor of the cooler with the reducer accurately; repair and adjust the support part of the cooler barrel.
drum cooler for fertilizer manufacturing machine

Cooler belongs to the drying and cooling system of fertilizer making machine. It controls the quality of fertilizer after granulation. The quality of fertilizer drying and cooling treatment affects the physical properties of fertilizer products. So when we use drum cooler, we should pay attention to the quality control of fertilizer making machine before installation.