How to Dehydrate Sludge for Organic Fertilizer Resource Utilization

The sewage treatment rate in cities and towns is constantly increasing, and the sludge production is also increasing. The sludge treatment is the main problem in the normal operation of sewage treatment plants. The sludge containing organic matter is dewatered by the dewatering machine, which is the raw material for organic fertilizer fermentation. Using organic fertilizer making machine and high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology, we can stabilize sludge, kill pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds in sludge, and complete the harmless treatment of sludge. Fermented sludge is processed by the organic fertilizer making machine, the fertilizer value is high, the crop use effect is good, and the organic fertilizer resource utilization of sludge dewatering has broad prospects.

Sludge organic fertilizer resource utilization
The water content of dewatered sludge is still higher than that of organic fertilizer fermentation conditions, so these sludge need to add some supplementary materials to reduce the water content during fermentation. We can add chicken manure, cow manure and other animal manure and straw, sawdust as regulators, and then compost these materials. Chicken dung, cow dung, sheep dung and other feces have higher organic matter content and lower water content. The water content of straw is small and the volume is large. Dewatered sludge has high water content and relatively low organic matter content. Adding these substances in sludge to regulate fermentation raw materials is conducive to improving organic fertilizer nutrients.
sludge organic fertilizer making machine

Sludge Dewatering Treatment - Dewatering Machine
Dewatering machine can be widely used in the fields of animal manure re-use, sludge, medical treatment, dewatering and so on. It is an important equipment for drying and pretreatment of high humidity materials. After dehydration, the material can directly enter the drying equipment, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of drying. Its dehydration effect is in the leading level in China.

The sludge matured by high temperature fermentation is a kind of high quality fertilizer source. The compost can be processed into organic fertilizer granules by organic fertilizer making machine, and then returned to the agricultural system.