Fertilizer Production Equipment Rotary Dryer Sheeting to Improve Production Efficiency

Rotary dryers are widely used in drying minerals, grain and compound fertilizers. As a fertilizer production equipment, our factory designed a rotary drying machine with combined sheeting, which is specially used in the compound fertilizer industry and has achieved good results in the fertilizer drying system.

In fertilizer production equipment, Rotary dryer is a large drum machine for drying materials. It has the advantages of continuous operation, simple operation, stability and reliability, and large production capacity. Because of the large capacity of the fertilizer production equipment, its working state is very important, and there are many factors affecting the efficiency of the compound fertilizer dryer. Among them, the design of sheeting on the inner wall of the rotary dryer affects the material curtain formed by fertilizer in the drum body, and the sheeting affects the production effect of the equipment.
rotary dryer of fertilizer production equipment

Effect of combined sheeting on rotary dryer
The guide plate enables the material to enter the cylinder with forward propulsion, reduces the residence time of the material in the cylinder, and improves the production efficiency. The combined sheeting can improve the dispersion of materials on the cross section of the cylinder, prolong the time of mass and heat transfer, increase the contact area between hot gas and materials and heat transfer. Compound fertilizer particles are lifted by the lifting plate along with the rotation of the cylinder body, and all the materials fall after the cylinder body rotates for one week. The formation of material curtain makes the exchange between material and the hot air entering the cylinder more fully, and the longitudinal driving effect of the sheet at the inlet of the dryer on the material in the cylinder increases the axial moving speed of the material in the cylinder, which improves the evaporation intensity and production efficiency of the material.

On the premise of the same fertilizer drying effect, when the same fertilizer production process is adopted, the production capacity of materials can be increased by more than 20% when the fertilizer production equipment is combined with the rotary dryer.