Role of Ball Shaping Machine in Organic Fertilizer Making Process

Organic fertilizer plays an important role in agricultural production. It increases crop yield and improves product quality. It is a necessary substance in agricultural production. The production and processing of organic fertilizer equipment is a practical and popularizable way to convert various manure and straw wastes into fertilizers. Fertilizer granulation is an important process in organic fertilizer making process. It determines the appearance of fertilizer, and has an important impact on the physical properties and use effect of the product. Therefore, in the organic fertilizer making process, every fertilizer factory should strictly control the process of fertilizer granulation to ensure product quality.
Ball shaping machine plays an important role in the processing of particle shape in organic fertilizer making.

Application of Ball Shaping Machine in Organic Fertilizer Making Process
ball shaping machine for organic fertilizer making process
Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients and contains nutrients that chemical fertilizer does not have. The application of organic fertilizer in combination with chemical fertilizer can improve product quality. Organic fertilizer making process have a significant impact on agriculture, and organic fertilizer particles affect crop growth. Ball shaping machine has powerful function and good grinding performance, which can make cylindrical particles into balls at one time. In the organic fertilizer production line, the particle shaping machine is used behind the fertilizer granulator. Ball shaping machine can grind all kinds of fertilizer particles, especially flat die fertilizer granulator and ring die fertilizer granulator. These two kinds of fertilizer granulator extrude materials into cylindrical granules. Ball shaping machine rolls irregular granules into spheres. Organic fertilizer making process has no feed back, and the pelletizing rate of organic fertilizer processing is high. Organic fertilizer is grinded into round granules, then dried and cooled. After screening, it is qualified organic fertilizer products.