Roller press granulator has a good effect on the NPK fertilizer production line

Roller press granulator is a small fertilizer granulator equipment widely used in the fertilizer processing industry. The roller press granulator uses extrusion granulation and plays a huge role in fertilizer processing. It is a main granulator for the NPK fertilizer production line.

Features of roller press granulator production line compared to other NPK fertilizer production lines
Roller press granulator has a simple structure, low investment equipment, stable and durable, and is welcomed by many small fertilizer manufacturers. The roller press granulator production line is easy to maintain and the cost is low. Small enterprises can install and debug themselves.
The roll press granulator production line does not need to be dried, and the product has the advantage of one molding, which has great advantages for the production investment of small and medium-sized fertilizer plants. The roller press granulator production line has a fast return on investment and no pollution compared to other NPK fertilizer production lines.

Process of roller press granulator production line
NPK raw materials are crushed into powder by chain crusher, so that the raw materials meet the requirements of granulation. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a horizontal mixer. The NPK powder that meets the granulation requirements is sent by the conveyor to the upper part of the roller granulator, and the granules are sent out from the lower part of the granulator.
Granulation is the top priority of NPK fertilizer processing. In the granulation stage of the roller press granulator production line, the raw materials are fed into a hopper above the granulator to feed. Under the action of gravity, the powdery raw material is pushed to the gap of the granulator to increase the density of the raw material. The NPK fertilizer is granulated and can be directly packaged from the discharge port of the granulator.
roller press granulator for npk fertilizer production line

Loader feeding hopper, chain crusher, horizontal mixer, roller press granulator, packing machine, belt conveyors.