Multifunctional disc granulator used in fertilizer granulating production line

The disc granulator has powerful functions and can be used for pelletizing of fertilizer, phosphogypsum, chemical industry, iron ore and other materials. Disc granulator is widely used in fertilizer granulation production line. It can produce both organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, which is highly praised by fertilizer factories.

Structure of disc granulator
Disc granulator is mainly composed of disc, scraper, scraper support, base support, push rod, movable support, motor, speed reducer and other parts. The speed reducer is a device that provides power for the rotary scraper. The base support and bearing seat are fixed mechanisms of the disc granulator, which play a stable role. The scraper holder fixes the scraper rod, which is convenient for the scraper to rotate. The scraper keeps a certain distance from the bottom of the disc. The scraper cleans up the bonded material on the cutting disc and plays a direct cleaning role on the surface of the disc granulator.
disc granulator for fertilizer granulating production line

Operation of disc granulator in fertilizer granulating production line
The rotating disc surface of the disc granulator is tilted and installed. The material rotates on the rotating disc surface and moves spirally under the action of gravity. The fertilizer powder enters the rotating disc, and the wet material binds to form granules in the moving extrusion. With the increase of the granules, the material moves to the lower edge of the rotating disc and overflows. The disc granulator has the advantages of low equipment cost, easy operation and easy control in the fertilizer granulation production, and can directly observe the effect of granulation.

The disc granulator has powerful function, and the fertilizer disc granulating line has strong adaptability to raw materials. It can be used to produce various fertilizers. In addition to disc granulator suitable for various materials, our factory has also developed different fertilizer granulator for the characteristics of raw materials, such as the new type organic fertilizer granulator specially suitable for organic fertilizer granulation, and a roller press granulator suitable for NPK fertilizer pellet extrusion.