Effect of coating machine in NPK fertilizer production line

The NPK fertilizer production line is often supplemented with the coating machine in the compound fertilizer granulation to coat the fertilizer particles. Coated compound fertilizer is a kind of plant nutrient complex with granular soluble nitrogen fertilizer as the core, calcium, magnesium and phosphate fertilizer as the coating layer, and potassium fertilizer, microelement, herbicide, microorganism and inorganic acid compound fertilizer added into the coating layer. NPK fertilizer production line adopts coating machine. The utilization rate of fertilizer is high, the fertilizer effect can be controlled released, the compound fertilizer is highly targeted, and the adaptability is wide and easy to use.

Utility of coated compound fertilizer in NPK fertilizer production line
There are two main problems in the production of compound fertilizer in agriculture. First, the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer is low, only about 27%. Second, the fertilizer efficiency period is short, only 30-50 days. It is necessary to use multiple top dressings to meet the needs of crops growth in a season. If the traditional topdressing method is adopted, the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer is only about 15%, which is very wasteful and directly affects the cost and benefit of farming. At the last stage of the NPK fertilizer production line, the coating machine processes the compound fertilizer, and the quality of the compound fertilizer has been greatly improved. Compared with common compound fertilizer, the utilization rate of NPK fertilizer is obviously improved. The soil is applied once and does not need topdressing, which meets the characteristics of nutrient requirements in each growth stage of the crop, and is safe and reliable. The processing of the coating machine saves labor and reduces the cost of agriculture. The fertilizer efficiency period can reach 100 days.
coating machine of npk fertilizer production line

Adding coating machine to NPK fertilizer production line, the compound fertilizer has strong function and can effectively solve a series of problems such as soil consolidation and soil alkalization caused by long-term use of common compound fertilizer. NPK fertilizer production line is equipped with a coating machine with good effect and is worth promoting.