Organic fertilizer equipment - compost turning machine

The compost turning machine is an important processing equipment for the production of organic fertilizer in fertilizer plant. It improves the quality of organic fertilizer fermentation and reduces human labor. The compost turning machine can automatically turn the raw materials mechanically and evenly, and the fermentation degree of the materials is the same. Compost turning machine can improve the fermentation speed and the processing capacity per unit time. It is an indispensable organic fertilizer equipment for fertilizer plants.

Organic fertilizer fermentation usually takes the livestock manure and crop straw as the main raw materials, and adds the composite bacteria. Fermented organic fertilizer is harmless to human and livestock, has no pollution, has the functions of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium dissolution. At the same time, it can decompose chemical pesticides and residual substances of chemical fertilizers, it has good effect in combination with chemical fertilizer. Organic fertilizer has the effect of increasing yield, high quality and disease resistance in planting and aquaculture.

Organic fertilizer equipment - compost turning machine
Compost turning machine is widely used in fermentation and dump of livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill filtrate, dregs and cakes, straw sawdust and other organic wastes. The compost turning machine can move on a fixed track and be used in conjunction with fermentation tank and transfer machine to save energy. The compost turning machine can discharge either continuously or in batches, which has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation and uniform turning.
compost turning machine

The compost turning machine is used during material fermentation. The composting material usually warms up after 2 days, and the highest temperature can reach 60-80℃, killing diseases and insect pests such as E. coli and eggs. The compost turning machine increases the oxygen supply, which avoids the anaerobic fermentation of the materials and improves the quality of the aerobic fermentation of the materials. Fermented materials have alcoholic aroma and organic matter content is more than 45%. It can be used in the bio-organic fertilizer production line to process high-quality products.