Humic acid coated urea through NPK fertilizer production line equipment

Urea combined with humic acid to produce fertilizer has very good effect. NPK fertilizer production line mixes humic acid and urea in accordance with the formula to make granular humic acid urea, and the fertilizer can exert better characteristics.
Treatment of NPK Fertilizer Production Line Equipment
NPK fertilizer production line produces humic acid urea fertilizer, with simple process and low environmental requirements. It can be produced at normal temperature and pressure. The raw materials are treated with NPK fertilizer production line equipment, water and a small amount of additives are added, humic acid is combined with urea and the envelope is completed. In the process of processing humic acid urea fertilizer in the NPK fertilizer production line, the exhaust gas emission is small and the environmental pollution is small. NPK fertilizer production line equipment
NPK fertilizer production line 

When humic acid urea fertilizer was applied to crops, the nitrogen retained in soil was nearly half more than that in common urea soil, the organic matter increased significantly, the soil voids increased, and the content of phosphorus and potassium also increased. Humic acid urea fertilizer improves soil fertility and increases crop yield continuously.
The fertilizer effect of humic acid urea is better than that of common urea, and the application of humic acid urea can be reduced in agricultural production. Humic acid urea is not polluted by the environment, but also used as a base fertilizer alone. Humic acid urea can be mixed with other fertilizers to make high-value organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. In NPK fertilizer production line, humic acid urea is mixed with organic and other nutrients according to formula. The mixed material is granulated to make organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. NPK fertilizer production line mainly includes rotary drum granulator, mixer, dryer, cooler, screening machine, packing machine, etc. It has simple equipment and low investment.