How to Choose the Mold of Ring Die Pellet Machine for Fertilizer and Feed

Ring die pellet machine is often used for fertilizer granulation and feed granulation. The pressing die is the main vulnerable part of the ring die pellet machine. Its quality affects the granulation products. Therefore, the mould of the ring die granulator is very important for fertilizer production and feed production.

Ring die of ring die pellet machine
The ring die of ring die granulator is a kind of porous ring vulnerable parts with thin wall, dense die holes and high assembly accuracy. Ring dies are usually made of carbon steel or alloy structural steel by forging, processing, drilling holes and heat treatment. The material selection and manufacturing process of the ring die are different, and the quality of the ring die is different. 
Ring dies produced by some factories are drilled by the drill holes and then processed by ordinary heat treatment. Such ring dies are prone to many problems in the production process. For example, the installation of new dies needs a long time of mould washing process, the ring die pellet machine has high production energy consumption, low output, poor fertilizer particle quality, and feed explosion mode. Importantly, it will also result in low service life and no wear resistance of the ring die granulator. The high iron content in the feed produced by these ring moulds greatly affects the feed formulation, which is mainly due to the poor wear resistance of the ring moulds. The production quality of fertilizer granules and feed granules is largely influenced by the mould of the ring die pellet machine. It also affects the production cost of the product.
ring die fertilizer pellet machinegranule of ring die fertilizer pellet machine

Select the mold of the feed and fertilizer ring die machine
Therefore, when purchasing ring die granulator, we should choose the manufacturer with reasonable material selection and process. The ring die granulator produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. uses stainless steel ring die and stainless steel forging blank to ensure the basic service life of the granulator. Ring die hole is processed by gun drill, and multi-station gun drill is used to process the die hole to ensure that the die hole is smooth and does not form deviated holes, so as to achieve rapid discharging of ring die granulator, smooth surface of granules, uniform granules, fewer fertilizer returns and low feed pulverization rate. The annular die of the granulator is vacuum heat treated, which further guarantees the processing quality of the previous process. It guarantees the high wear resistance and strength of the annular die material and avoids the oxidation of the die hole.