How to Install Equipment of Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

In order to ensure the normal operation of the whole equipment of the fertilizer granulation production line, prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the fertilizer production efficiency, it is necessary to install the equipment strictly in accordance with the operation specifications when installing the fertilizer production equipment.

Before installing the equipment of the whole fertilizer production line, it is necessary to check whether the basic dimensions of each installation meet the requirements of the drawings according to the equipment plan and foundation map. If there are any places that are not suitable for installation, all aspects should be adjusted until the installation dimensions are correct, and then the equipment is installed.
installation of fertilizer production line equipment

1. Installers should be familiar with the installation requirements of fertilizer equipment and carry out construction according to technical requirements. Fertilizer production line equipment is heavy machinery, which may cause deformation, damage or loss in the process of transportation, so before installation, check and accept the list of equipment.

2. Adjust the equipment of fertilizer production line to make the equipment in good condition, and then install it.

3. Each fertilizer equipment should be numbered before entering the installation site, and the installation process should be worked out. According to the installation process requirements of the fertilizer production line, the equipment should be transferred to the site one by one for installation. The installation sequence of equipment in fertilizer production line is from top to bottom. After the main equipment and rack are in place, the connecting pipes and electrical equipment are installed.
installation of fertilizer production line equipmentinstallation of fertilizer production line equipment
4. Tools, equipment and materials needed for installation of fertilizer production line equipment must be complete. After installation, the rotating parts of the equipment must be flexible, the connecting parts must be firm and sealed, and the phenomena of powder leakage and oil leakage can not occur.

5. Installation of equipment in fertilizer production line should be in accordance with the regulations. Every line should move towards a clear direction. There should be no electricity running or leakage. Wires and cables of fertilizer equipment should have protective enclosures. After installation, empty-running test should be carried out on each single machine of granulation production line equipment. The equipment of granulation production line can be put into load test only when it is in normal operation. Before the equipment load test run of fertilizer production line, the electronic batching scale and packaging scale are calibrated and corrected to the specified accuracy. The equipments of the fertilizer granulation production line run for 8 hours, and the fertilizer plant can put into production only after no failure.