Maintenance of fertilizer granulation processing equipment

In the production of fertilizer granulation processing equipment, proper use and maintenance can help to extend the service life of the equipment, improve the processing efficiency of the equipment, and increase the efficiency of fertilizer production.

After the fertilizer granulation processing equipment is put into use, it should be overhauled once a year and should be repaired once in half a year. When the fertilizer equipment is under minor repair, the lubricating oil should be replaced, the bearing should be cleaned, the faulty parts should be replaced, and the belt tension of the conveyor should be adjusted. When the conveyor is running, the belt cannot be severely slipped. In the fertilizer granulation processing equipment, the hammer of the crusher and the sieve of the screening machine, the die of the granulator and the pressure roller are the wearing parts, and these parts should be repaired and replaced in time. The replacement time and maintenance time of these fertilizer granulation processing equipment are determined according to the processing quality of the fertilizer granulation production line. When the quality of the product declines, the shape of the fertilizer granules does not meet the standard, and the production capacity drops significantly, we must promptly inspect and replace the damaged parts. After the hammer of the fertilizer processing equipment is worn, it should be reversed or adjusted. When the head is turned, the original hammer arrangement should be maintained. When replacing the new hammer, each new hammer should be weighed. The weight difference of the piece should not be too large, so as not to cause the crusher to run unstable. After using the electronic weighing equipment in the fertilizer processing line for half a year, it should be inspected and calibrated for accuracy.

fertilizer granulation processing equipment

After daily use, the fertilizer granulation processing equipment should clean the residue on the machine and keep the equipment clean. These routine maintenance can improve the efficiency of the machine, reduce the maintenance cost and the consumption of consumable parts.