How to Apply Silicon Fertilizer Correctly?

 Silicon fertilizer can greatly improve soil fertilization and increase the crops yield, however, how to apply the silicon fertilizer correctly? following are three factors to apply the silicon fertilizer, the application scope, application method, application dosage.
 (1) Scope of application.
  The silicon supply capacity of soil is an important basis for determining whether silicon fertilizer is applied or not. The greater the degree of silicon deficiency in soil, the better effect of increaing yield from fertilization. Therefore, silicon fertilizer should be given priority to silicon deficient areas and soil. Silicon fertilizer should be applied to silicon loving crops has obvious effect. The crops with significant effect of silicon fertilizer include rice, wheat, corn and other gramineae crops, among which rice is a typical silicon loving crop.Since silicon fertilizer can improve soil, it should be applied to contaminated farmland and protected land planted for many years. 
(2) Application method.
 Silicon fertilizer is not easy to agglomerate, not easy to deteriorate, good stability, there will be no infiltration, evaporation and other losses, with the characteristics of a long period of efficacy. Therefore, silicon fertilizer does not have to be applied every year, can be applied every other year.The application method can be used for base fertilizer with organic fertilizer, and  nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound  fertilizer together. Water-soluble silicon fertilizer with high nutrient content can be used as both base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer, but the topdressing period should be advanced as far as possible. For example, rice should be applied before booting stage in rice production. 
(3) Dosage.
 The application amount of silicon fertilizer should be determined according to the content of available silicon in soil of different plots and the content of soluble silicon in silicon fertilizer and water. The soil with severe silicon deficiency can be applied more moderately, while the soil with mild silicon deficiency should be applied less. Water-soluble silicon fertilizer with an effective silicon content of 50-60% can be applied with 6-10 kg per acre; Steel slag silicon fertilizer with effective silicon content of 30-40% can be applied with 30-50 kg per acre;If the effective silicon content is less than 30%, 50-100kg can be applied per acre.