How to Apply Micro-element Fertilizer Scientifically?

  In the crops growth and development, not only need to provide rich npk compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer, it is also essential to apply micro-element fertilizer, so how to apply the micro-element fertilizer scientifically? to give the role play of fertilizer efficiency and  preferably improve soil and increase the crop yield.
(1)Not excessive application
  Spray micro fertilizer solution or spread micro fertilizer particles uniformly, and avoid repeated application; The concentration shall not exceed the prescribed concentration. If a high concentration is really needed, the concentration shall not exceed 20% of the prescribed concentration.
(2) Add organic fertilizer
  Increasing the application of organic fertilizer has the following advantages: one the one hand, which can increase the organic acid in the soil and make the trace elements available; on the other hand,which can reduce the toxicity of micro fertilizer; third, the organic fertilizer itself has rich and complete trace elements.
(3) Application with macroelement together
 Microfertilizer must be satisfied with a large number of elements such as npk compound fertilizer, etc. If microelement is enough, and a macroelement will become the factor that promotes ripening to increase yield.
(4) Targeted fertilization
 The application of microfertilizer should be targeted and should be applied according to the land and crop. For perennials (fruit trees, etc.) and plots of multi-year continuous cropping (protected vegetables, etc.), it should be paid to the expression of deficiency of nutrients.
(5) Prevent soil pollution
 Particular attention should be paid to the accumulation of trace elements that may accumulate over the years, they are difficult to remove from the soil, which is easy leading to the destruction of fertile fields.