Groove Type Compost Turner And Technology

  Groove type compost turner and technology have the advantages of small land area, high composting efficiency, high fermentation material accumulation, large output in the whole organic fertilizer production line. Which can be used with solar energy commposting workshop, which has good heating and heat preservation effect and regulation function, and composting fermentation will no longer be affected by bad weather such as wind, rain and snow.
  The principle of groove-type compost technology is as follows: 
  Firstly, the raw material of compost is pretreated, the raw material of livestock and poultry manure is automatically weighed and mixed with straw powder and other auxiliary materials through premix-tempering and tempering machine, and the carbon and nitrogen ratio and porosity of the material are adjusted reasonably according to the requirements of compost to reduce the moisture content of the material.The mixture is then stacked in a fermentation tank in the solar composting plant for aerobic fermentation.
  Adopting the simple type groove compost turner , hydraulic type groove compost turner or double screws compost tuning machine  to turn and mix the compost material for ventilation and oxygen aeration, generally the compost can be decomposed in 20 to 30 days to reach the harmless requirements.  
  The raw materials of groove type compost technology and turner including the livestock and poultry manure and other agricultural waste and so on. Which is applied in the bio organic fertilizer production and organic fertilizer production. Biological Organic Fertilizer Compost Equipment Processing Plant is  the mature organic fertilizer compost design and case.