Pig Manure Compost Pretreatment

  Pig manure compost pretreatment is necessary process before compost fermentation part in the whole organic fertilizer production line.
  Fresh pig manure has high water content, heavy viscosity and poor air permeability, so it cannot be directly fermented. Proper pretreatment should be carried out before fermentation.General can adopt fertilizer dewater machine, the water content will be reduced to below 80%, the moisture content of slurry and then add the some amount of straw, straw, wood chips, mushroom residue, chaff, rice husk and other accessories,  also can try mixing chicken manure to rise to adjust moisture, ventilation, and carbon and nitrogen than action, make pig water content control in 60% (ratio of concrete material will be subject to actual situation).This process not only prepares for the subsequent fermentation of pig manure, but also reduces the possibility of the anaerobic fermentation of pig manure producing a stench.
  If there is no fertilizer dewater equipment, fresh pig manure can be stacked on the pretreatment site for a period of time (5-7 days) and then set aside.Parameters to be controlled before the fermentation of pig manure: the moisture content of the material to be fermented should be controlled at about 60%;C/n ratio between 30 and 40 (can be adjusted by auxiliary materials);Adjust the pH of pig manure to around 7.5 (calcium superphosphate can be used).