How to Maintain Organic fertilizer production line equipment?

 We buy organic fertilizer equipment is in order to process organic fertilizer, while how to maintain organic fertilizer production line equipment? because we all know a complete organic fertilizer production line has high price, therefore organic fertilizer production line maintenance is particularly important.
 Here we provide some maintenance tips of the organic fertilizer equipment: 
 1, Relatively easy to cause the wear of organic fertilizer production line equipment is dust. Organic fertilizer equipment will produce dust in operation and after the discharge, if not clean and maintain in time, dust will enter into equipment, such as various joint, more and more accumulation over a long period, the joint friction of equipment will be greater, even can cause the accumulation of germs and equipment corrosion, affect the performance of the equipment.So we require the staff often to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. 
 2, In the operation process of organic fertilizer production line equipment, our staff also need to pay attention to the lubrication of the equipment connection, long-term use of equipment, equipment lubrication is a severe test. Once the emergence of stuck, the friction of the equipment will increase, only high lubrication will provide good power support for the operation of organic fertilizer equipment, and staff need to develop a good habit of regular cleaning and maintenance equipment.
 3, In addition, we need to pay special attention to motor friction, otherwise it will affect the effect of the use of organic fertilizer equipment, staff need to pay attention to check the motor running. Especially before the load operation,we should check the motor line, if there is any damage, need to be updated immediately to ensure stable operation.
 Above are skills of how to maintain organic fertilizer production line and npk compound fertilizer production line equipment  equipment we need to understand and to master in daily life, regular and good maintenance can effectively improve the life of organic fertilizer production line, can create more value for the enterprise.