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What kind of substances can form humus?

 When using a humus fertilizer granulator to produce granular fertilizers, materials that can gradually become humus should be selected. Humus fertilizer granules are a mixture of humus and fertilizer, so the granules contain the complete set of nutrients that plants need. Air, phosphorus, potassium and other main elements and micronutrients can be adjusted according to the production formula. Because humus is really important to the composition of the soil, and the amount of humus in the soil is decreasing every year. The granular products of our organic fertilizer granulator machine can be well supplemented. Specific material types are as follows.

1. Fertilizer
It includes all kinds of livestock manure. Examples include poultry manure (such as chicken manure), cow manure, horse manure, bat manure, etc. Of these materials, worm humus is probably the easiest to produce. 
2. Green manure
You can turn plant residues into humus material. These are grasses (such as asteria) or dry grass, roots (such as woodgrass), leaves, flowers (such as hops), wood (sawdust), etc.
3. Animal remains
All biomass substances can be converted to humus, but they take longer than the above two types. For example, animal blood or bone meal.
4. Organic waste
Nowadays, the production of humic fertilizers from municipal solid waste is gaining popularity. But you should choose those materials carefully, many of which are inorganic.

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