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What are the methods of horse manure composting and fermentation?

There are 3 organic horse manure mulch composting methods for you to choose from: furrow composting, composting and static fermentation. Different composting techniques require different equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to these three composting technologies.

1. Ditch composting of horse manure
Furrow composting mainly completes the entire composting process in the furrow. When using this technology to compost horse manure, one or more trenches should be set as required. This composting method is often used in large-scale organic fertilizer fermentation. Our factory produces groove type compost turning machine, chain plate type compost turning machine and wheel type composting equipment for your horse manure composting.

2. Heap type horse manure composting
This method of composting is very popular. It just requires you to make a stockpile of horse manure material. You can then turn this material with our windrow turners. There are crawler compost turning machine and small compost turners for you to choose from.  The mobile compost turner is more suitable for your small-scale horse manure composting needs. It is easy to move and low cost.

3. Static horse manure failure
Whether you use trench composting or windrow composting, you should turn the manure regularly. However, a static fermenter can help you automate the entire fermentation process. And you don't have to worry about the smell because we have a deodorizing system on our unit. What's more, there are many specifications for your reference. We can also customize for you.

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