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How to make money by fermenting waste?

 Farm waste refers to animal manure or manure from dairy farms, pig farms, horse farms, chicken farms, poultry farms. Animal manure contains more organic matter and nutrients, which determines its fertilizer value in making organic fertilizers. For a small farm of 100 cows, composting of farm waste is sufficient. If you have a large farm, you'd better use the waste disposal of the whole farm to use organic fertilizer granulator machine to make commercial organic fertilizer and sell them to make money.

Composting farm waste is a natural aerobic process that speeds up the breakdown of organic matter. There are three kinds of composting methods: stockpile composting, trench composting and automatic composting equipment.
Stacking: Farm waste is stacked in long rows, appropriate height, weight and width depending on space, except for concrete floors and shelters. Alternatively, if you have a lot of farm waste to dispose of, you can use a turner.
Groove form: need to build a fermentation tank. Each recess with three rectangular walls has different placement rules. In this way, due to its automatic function, installation is simple and operation is convenient. It always uses a large compost turning machine to make the compost.
Fully Automatic Fermenter: Farmers use this fertilizer composter which is less harmful to the environment than other means. Sealed fermentation, no pollution to the environment. At the same time, it occupies a small area (the fermentation machine only occupies an area of 10-30 square meters). Furthermore, it can automatically control the process from start to finish. However, the price of our company's organic fertilizer fermentation tank is slightly expensive.

Compared with the traditional composting method, it is more suitable for making commercial fertilizer. Farm waste disposal can shorten the (composting) time to 15-20 days, or even a week. At the same time, it can increase the N/C content and improve the growth of plants and soil. We are an organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, welcome to consult.