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How is powdered bio organic fertilizer produced?

 What do you think about biofertilizers? Do you think it is good for plants and soil? Today, bio-organic fertilizers are a bit different from organic fertilizers in that they contain live microorganisms that are beneficial to plants and soil. They may not provide as many nutrients as organic fertilizers, but they help crops retain nutrients and water, and even create nutrients from their surroundings. Therefore, the bio-fertilizer manufacturing process is designed for this to reduce unnecessary losses.How is biofertilizer made? There are two kinds of biological fertilizer production lines to choose from, biological powdery fertilizer and biological granular fertilizer. Let's learn how the powdery bio-organic fertilizer production line is produced today?

Dehydrated material: the organic fertilizer before composting has more water content or moisture. Only when the water content reaches 30%-40% can it be used. Therefore, it is necessary to dry these materials with a dryer.

Composting: If you need bio-fertilizer granules, fermentation is an important process in preparation for granulation. Unfermented material is harmful to plants and soil. For this reason, a trench type compost turning machine and a compost turning machine have been designed to make the manure into compost fertilizer. At the same time, a fermenter can be selected for short-term composting. To some extent, bio-organic fertilizer production line can help you produce bio-organic fertilizer.

Crushing process: use fertilizer crusher for crushing, and the fermented material can be made into composted powder. A hammer crusher will make the powder 98%. Therefore, it is the best choice for your use.

Mixing process: After the material is crushed, it is put into the fertilizer mixing equipment. Then mix them well with other elements. Finally, we complete the production of biological powder fertilizer.
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