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Is humus a type of fertilizer?

 Is humus a fertilizer? Many people may wonder. There are a lot of fertilizers that claim they are humus. Such as clock humic acid. But it is actually a compound organic humus fertilizer, not 100% humus. Fertilizers provide nutrients directly to plants. But humus, which contains many elements that plants need, doesn't do that. The humus is more like a storage chamber that absorbs water and nutrients and stores them until the plant roots absorb them. At the same time, the humus itself releases nutrients very slowly. These nutrients can also be absorbed by plants. So now you know, our humus fertilizer granulator can produce humus granule compound fertilizer instead of processing humus into fertilizer separately.

Then you should pay attention to which device you choose. Since humus is rich in beneficial bacteria, you should choose a wet granulator for processing. These machines are new organic fertilizer granulators (or new stirring biological granulators, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator machine). You can also get a fertilizer polisher to produce raised fertilizer granules. If you have a large granular fertilizer plant, we recommend that you purchase a fertilizer production line, which can improve work efficiency.

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