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How to use organic fertilizer granulator to produce bat fertilizer?

1. You'll need a fertilizer screen to sift out stones and impurities from bat droppings.
2. Various fertilizer granulators were used to process bat droppings. The suitable machines you can choose are newly designed rotary drum granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, rotary gear drum granulator and disc granulator, etc. The fertilizer granulator machine price varies.
3. After pelleting, you can use other machines for further processing of the bat droppings pellets (such as fertilizer polishing and polishing equipment) to make them more tradeable.
If using fresh bat nests to make bat droppings, the following steps are similar to those above. But first, make sure to dry and heat the bat poop in a tumble dryer. This will not only kill the pathogens, but also keep the bat manure safe. Or you can use a compost tumbler to ferment bat droppings to make it safe through composting.

Bat guano is a common product in today's produce markets. There is a great deal of import and export of these valuable wastes. If you are looking for bat guano for sale, bat manure prices can be a bit high. If you have access to large quantities of bat guano, you should consider making bat guano pellets for yourself or for the commercial trade! This bat's fertilizer source can bring you good profits. Our company is a professional fertilizer machine manufacturers. Our company can provide high-quality bat fertilizer granulator for your bat manure factory. They will greatly facilitate your granulation work and have a long service life.