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Detailed introduction to the simple groove compost turning machine

The simple groove type turning machine is the most widely used fermentation turning equipment. It includes walking fermentation tank, walking track, power take-off device, turning machine and turning device (also called transfer car, mainly used for Multi-slot use case). The turning work part adopts advanced drum drive, which can be lifted and lowered. The liftable type is mainly used in the case where the width of the tank is not more than 5 meters and the depth of the throwing is not more than 1.3 meters. It absorbs the long trough turning machine of each family and has the advantages of high fermentation material accumulation, large throwing output and thorough material turning. It is an ideal choice for large-scale organic fertilizer fermentation, especially for organic fertilizer manufacturers with high land cost.

The turning machine is suitable for fermenting of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar plant mud, slag cake and straw sawdust, widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, gardening field and agaricus bisporus plant and water removal operations. Utilize modern technology to make harmless and synergistic treatment of livestock and poultry manure, agricultural and animal husbandry waste, municipal solid waste, sludge, sludge, waste residue, distiller's grains and furfural, so as to improve soil and improve crop quality. Safe fertilizer is the ideal equipment to convert some pollution sources and organic waste into high-quality bio-organic fertilizer. Compared to similar products, they have unique advantages in terms of price and performance. So that China's organic fertilizer plants can produce more environmentally-friendly and high-quality organic fertilizers while saving costs, and also enable organic fertilizer plants to develop capital for larger markets.

The simple groove type turning machine is composed of main components such as a transmission device, a lifting device, a walking device, a turning device, and a transfer vehicle. The motor directly transmits the power to the cycloidal pinwheel reducer through the sprocket to the stacking drum, and the stirring blade on the drum is spirally distributed, and the material in the fermentation tank can be turned and stirred to move to a position of 0.7-1 m. The effect of quick stacking and even mixing is achieved, so as to achieve sufficient contact between the material and the air, so that the fermentation effect of the material is better.
1. Power transmission device: The device is composed of a motor, a reducer, a sprocket, a bearing housing, a main shaft and the like, and is an important device for powering the turning drum.
2. Walking device: The device is composed of a traveling motor, a transmission gear, a transmission shaft, a running sprocket and the like.
3. Lifting device: The device is composed of a winch, a coupling, a transmission shaft, a bearing housing and the like.
4. Turn the stack device: The device is composed of a sprocket, a support arm, a stacking drum and the like.
5. Transfer the car: The device is composed of a traveling motor, a transmission gear, a transmission shaft, a traveling wheel and the like, and provides a temporary vehicle for changing the slot of the stacker.

This series of models has the following characteristics:
1. Single slot working width covers 1~9m;
2. It can be infinitely juxtaposed with multiple slots to amplify production capacity at any time;
3. The depth of the pile can reach more than 0.8 meters, and the compost warms up quickly;
4. High work efficiency, simple control, and monitoring of host load at any time;
5. The working speed can be selected as a stepless speed change configuration to adapt to material load changes.