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Roller press granulator widely used in single material granulation and NPK fertilizer production

  When we produce granular fertilizer,in the fertilizer production line,the mainly parts are fermentation,crushing,mixing and granulation,packing at last,the most important part is granulating process,after this we can get fertilizer granules.the granulator machine can be treated as the core machine in the production line.the choice of granulator machine is related to the raw material type and the moisture.and the granulator machine affect the granules shape.

  We manufacture different kinds of granulation machines in our factory,but roller press granulator is our highest selling machine,it's not only applied to the whole production line,but also one single material granulation,we have many customers choose it for one kind of raw material granulation.we only have one roller type before,then based on experience over years,we devolped two rollers type press granulator for the's more durable and stable.

  The roller press is widely used in the NPK compound fertilizer production line,for the raw materials moisture is low,it can granulate fertilizer into pellets at normal temperature,there is no need to dry and cool the pellets after granulation,this is the biggest advantage and difference from others,this can reduce the use of machines and lower the cost for customers. 

  For one single material granulation,the roller press granulator still can do well.the materials such as ammonium sulfate,many customers choose the machine for its granulation,the pellets shape from the machine is oval type and the hardness is good.the pellet size can be adjusted by changing the roller hole size.the machine is deeply like by the customers.