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We produce different kinds of mixer machine for fertilizer production

As we know,in the organic fertilizer line,when the compost is ready,the crusher machine will be used to mill the big cakes into small pieces first,and for NPK fertilizer production,ususlly the cage crusher will be used to crush the raw materials into powder first,if the materials are pellets or cakes.after crushing,the materials will be blended,then will be granulated into pellets.these are important parts in the production line.if the materials are not crushed and mixed well,the granulation effect is not good.

This time,let's introduce our mixer machines in our factory to you.

We have different kinds of mixer machine,mainly are horizontal mixer,vertical disc mixer and double axis mixer.

First,the horizontal mixer,it's our new design mixer.the biggest advantage is mixing degree is high and residues are few,it's widely used in the both organic fertilizer production and NPK compound fertilizer production.besides the fertilizer production line,it also can blend one single material,many customers choose it to mix their one kind of material.but the materials come out from it is batch by batch.this is the difference from others.

Second is our vertical disc mixer,it's disc type mixer machine,easy to install on the ground and put the materials can be used for raw materials mixing when the NPK fertilizer raw materials are already powder,they are put in the mixer directly and blended can work continuously.

The third one is the double axis mixer,there are two sets of of screw shafts with spiral blade inside,some water will be added when working,the capacity of this kind of mixer machine can be high,so it's often used in the large scale fertilizer production line.the materials can come from it continuously.