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Detailed introduction about crusher machine used in the fertilizer production line

In agricultural production,there are usually powder form,granule form and liquid form fertilizer used for the plant growing.nomatter which kind,the raw materials need to be crushed first,the crusher machine will be used in the production.

We,Zhengzhou Huaqiang heavy industry technology co.,ltd,are leading manufacturer of fertilizer use euipment.We have four kinds of crusher machine,the chain crusher,half wet material crusher,cage crusher and straw crusher.Let's introduce them to you.

About the chain crusher,it's widely use in the organic and compound fertilizer production line.there are two types of the crusher:vertical chain crusher and horizontal crusher.the customers can choose according to their needs.the machine is not only used in the raw material crushing part but also the material return process,the big piece of materials can be crushed again and granulated.

About the half wet material crusher,it is the common used machine in the organic fertilizer production line.when the organic fertilizer compost is finished,the crusher will crush them into smaller piece first and the size can be adjusted according to the customers' needs.

About cage crusher,it's widely used in the compound fertilizer production,before mixing,the machine can crush one single material into powder's also used for single chemical material,especially for the hard ones,such as urea,diammonium and ammonium etc.

About the straw crusher,it can cut different kinds of corn straw,wheat straw,alfalfa and other organic fertilizer raw it can be used together with the equipment for fermentation to shorten the time.