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The application and feature of disc granulator used in fertilizer production

Our factory manufacture series of fertilizer use equipment and also can help customers to set up both organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production line.

There are some types of granulator used in the production; today let me introduce our disc granulator to you.

Disc granulator Machine is a new type of incline pan granulator equipment, the granulating rate can be up to 90%. The reducer and motor adopt flexible belt drive to start smoothly, slow down the impact force and improve life of the equipment. The bottom of the machine is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which is sturdy and durable; the thickened, weighted and sturdy base design does not require anchor bolts for fixed and working smoothly. The main gear of granulator uses high frequency fire; the service life is twice than before. The inside part is dealt with anti-corrosion treatment, after this, it’s more durable.

The machine has the advantages of uniform granulation, high granulation rate, stable operation, long service life and so on.

It is widely used in organic fertilizer factory, compound fertilizer factory and sludge garbage processing, mine, chemical, feed industry and other fields.the pellets from it look round and beautiful.the size can be controlled with adding water or other wet materials.the more the wet materials,the bigger the pellet is,so the workers should pay attention to the ratio of the wet materials.