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What is the reason for the uneven granulation of the disc granulator?

The disc granulator is organic fertilizer equipment for producing spherical fertilizer granules and is traditional fertilizer granulation equipment. In fertilizer manufacturing process, how to make the disc granulator better, this is the topic of common thinking of almost all disc granulator users. Then how does the disc granulator operate granulation evenly? How is its tilt angle adjusted? Let's look at the common fault solutions of the organic fertilizer disc granulator.


Reasons for uneven granulation of the disc granulator:
1. Choice of the quantity of the granulator. It can’t choose single large-volume disc fertilizer granulator machine. It is recommended to choose a combination of multiple disc granulators or a double disc granulator. This is because multiple disc granulators or a disc granulator multi-turntable composite can ensure the quality and effect of the pellet fertilizer particles.

2. The raw material composition and moisture is the key to determine the pelleting rate of the pellet granulator. It is necessary to ensure sufficient and uniform moisture and the composition of the material that can be rolled into a ball. It is important not to reduce the moisture required for the ball due to post-drying.

3. Speed adjustment. The speed of the disc granulator can adjust the running speed of the turntable by the size of the motor or the power output wheel to change the running speed of different turntables for different materials, thereby indirectly guaranteeing the output per unit time and the pelleting rate.

4. Tilt of the disc. In general, the tilt angle of the disc granulator turntable can be adjusted. However, the disc granulator has been adjusted to a reasonable angle by the original manufacturer. It is imperative to deliberately lower the disc granulator in pursuit of production. Tilt angle to ensure the service life of the disc granulator.

5. Timely and reasonable maintenance. Due to the inclined operation of the disc granulator, the torque transmitted by the spindle is very large, so it is necessary to timely repair and repair, eliminate the fault, and add grease to ensure continuous operation and production.