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Organic fertilizer granulator operation process attention points

For animal manure treatment, most of them are now collected and made into organic fertilizer. At this time, it is necessary to use the relevant production equipment. The organic fertilizer granulator machine is a machine that every organic fertilizer manufacturer must have. It can make the fertilizer into particles with uniform particle size and can enhance the competitiveness in appearance. At the same time, it is also important equipment in much organic fertilizer equipment. In the process of using, Henan Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. recommends that you refer to the following points for use:
fertilizer granulator machine operation
1. The raw materials should be completely sterilized. At the same time, they can be processed as qualified raw materials after being pulverized and thoroughly mixed and stirred.

2. The granulation process requires skilled workers to skillfully operate the organic fertilizer granulator machine. The equipment should also be maintained. After granulation, there must be a reasonable drying and cooling treatment device to avoid cracks and fragility of the particles.

3. The granules produced by sieving are classified according to size to ensure the quality of the organic fertilizer is consistent.

4. The granulator prohibits the empty machine from running without load, and must be fed by the hot machine, so as to avoid the occurrence of the sticking bar (holding shaft) phenomenon;

5. Pay attention to find out the operating rules of the machine; for example, the machine temperature is high and low, the speed is fast and slow, according to the situation, timely processing;

6. When the operation of the fuselage is unstable, it should be checked whether the gap of the coupling is too tight, and it should be loosened in time;

7. When the bearing parts of the main bearing chamber of the organic fertilizer granulator are burnt or have noise, stop the maintenance and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing chamber needs to be filled with butter once every five or six days.

8. Quantitative weighing and packaging through automatic baling machine. In this way, the organic fertilizer granulator has completed its mission of the organic fertilizer production process. It can be transported to the point of sale or centralized transportation through the packaged organic fertilizer. It can be said that the organic fertilizer granulator provides a very good way to the problem of animal waste disposal. Now everyone is paying more and more attention to organic fertilizer, so the use is also increasing.

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