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Auxiliary machinery for fertilizer processing

 A variety of mechanical equipment is needed in the fertilizer manufacturing process. Below we briefly introduce some commonly used ones for everyone, so that everyone can have a general understanding.


1, speed feeding belt conveyor
The frequency conversion speed control system is configured to automatically control the material flow according to the set parameters to ensure the continuous uniform feeding process requirements of the extrusion granulator.

2, extrusion granulator
(1) The special extrusion fertilizer granulator machine for improved organic materials has high granulation density, high strength and equal particle size, which can meet the requirements of the new process of polishing and shaping plastic pellets, and the efficiency is 30% higher than that of ordinary models.
(2) The template is made of alloy steel material through advanced processes such as heat treatment, with good wear resistance and long service life.
(3) The main engine is equipped with oil cooling circulation system to ensure long-term continuous operation.

3, throwing machine
(1) This machine is the key equipment in the round grain organic fertilizer production process, which can produce round granular pure organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer.
(2) The ball formation rate is 85-95%, the particles are uniform, smooth, round and high in compressive strength;
(3) The wide application of raw materials has completely solved the key technical problems of low dosage of organic raw materials (about 30%) and drying and pulverization of raw materials in traditional granulation process.

4, drying and cooling screening machine
(1) The three-in-one composite model with drying, cooling and sieving is unique in design, low investment and low energy consumption;
(2) Drying section adopts high air volume and low temperature drying to ensure the survival rate of microorganisms is ≥90%;
(3) The drying and cooling junctions are provided with excessive devices of hot air, cold air and particulate materials. Therefore, a set of air guiding system can be configured, so that the material can smoothly enter the cooling section from the drying section, and the hot air and the hot air can be The cold air enters the dust removal system according to the designed path and does not affect each other;
(4) Drying, cooling and sieving The design of the three-in-one composite model simplifies the process flow, reduces the installed capacity, and eliminates the drying and cooling, cooling and screening Two-stage material conveying device;

5, belt conveyor
It adopts oil-cooled electric drum drive, which has high reliability, good interchangeability and stable operation.