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Preparation before use of fertilizer granulator machine

In the fertilizer manufacturing process, because granular fertilizers are more popular in the market and are more conducive to storage and spreading, the newly produced fertilizers will be processed in some shapes. At this time, a fertilizer granulator is needed. A very critical step in the production of granular fertilizers, so to ensure that nothing is lost, what needs to be done before shape processing?


The preparatory work for granulation of granulators, the manufacture of good organic fertilizers, the raw materials should reach the monotonous requirements of the demand, and further monotonous needs should be made when needed. The raw materials are sieved to remove agglomerates and mechanical impurities.

When the fertilizer granulator machine is operated, it can reflect whether the water, electricity and gas systems in the equipment can be normal, the water, gas path is dredged and leak-free, the electrical system can be normal, the heating system, temperature control, and various instruments can be reliable; The vehicle is tested at low speed to observe whether the organic fertilizer production equipment can operate normally; the vacuum pump of the stereotype station is started, and the observing obligation can be normal; the lubrication parts of various equipments are lubricated. If the defects are found, they are cleared in time. Install the machine head and the set sleeve, according to the variety and size of the product, select the head specifications, and install the machine head according to the following times.

The fertilizer granulator machine operation can be started after the temperature is turned on. The head and the granulator flange bolts should be tightened once before starting to eliminate the difference between the thermal expansion of the bolt and the head. The tightening of the head bolt is diagonal. Tighten and apply even force. When tightening the flange nut of the head, it is required to have the same tightness around the circumference, otherwise it is necessary to run the material.

When the granulator is in operation, press the “Prepare to drive” button, then the “Drive” button, then slowly change the screw speed therapy knob, and the screw speed starts slowly. Then gradually speed up and add a small amount. And according to the demand plus sufficient material, the twin-screw granulator operation uses a metering feeder to uniformly and evenly feed, so that the organic fertilizer granulator can be more effectively granulated.