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Production process design of organic fertilizer project

There are many types of organic fertilizers, such as organic fertilizers, organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, biological organic fertilizers, and so on. With so many tricks, what are the specific functions? What is the scope of application? What is the outlook for the final market sales? As operators of organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, we have to consider this series of issues, and then find out the development direction that suits us according to our specific conditions.
organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizers come from a wide range of raw materials, such as animal manure, municipal solid waste, sludge from sewage treatment plants, etc. They have low acquisition costs, but high quality and stable fertilizer efficiency. We can choose a reasonable organic fertilizer production line according to our local main organic raw materials and capital situation.

1. Suitable production site
Convenient transportation should be considered to facilitate the transportation of products; there should be a proper distance from residential areas, and people should not be affected by environmental or noise issues.

2. Reasonable production scale
Subject to the fermentation cycle of organic fertilizer raw materials, the scale and investment of organic fertilizer plants are relatively large. In terms of land occupation, the organic fertilizer production equipment in the production workshop does not occupy much space, and the fermentation tanks of the organic fertilizer fermentation compost turning machine in the fermentation workshop really need enough space.

3. Appropriate degree of automation
Under normal circumstances, the working conditions of organic fertilizer plants are harsh, and the degree of automation should be maximized during the production process. But the excessive pursuit of high automation will lead to an increase in operating costs. Therefore, we need to find a balance in the purchase of organic fertilizer equipment.

4. Reasonable treatment of organic materials
Any equipment has certain adaptability to its processing objects, and organic fermentation requires specific conditions, so organic fertilizer processing equipment also has certain requirements for its raw materials. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment during processing, we must also scientifically and rationally treat the organic raw materials so that they can meet the processing conditions required by the organic fertilizer equipment.