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Effect of organic fertilizer granulator machine on agricultural production

Organic fertilizer granulator machine is a collective name for granulator. Its role is to granulate various organic substances after fermentation in the organic fertilizer production line. The new process design makes it unnecessary to wake up the raw materials like conventional granulators. Drying and crushing can be produced directly by batching, which can save users a lot of manpower and material resources, and reduce production costs.
organic fertilizer granulator machine
Before the organic fertilizer production equipment was invented, fertilization of crops could only be made of various animal, plant residues, or metabolites, such as human and animal manure, straw, animal residues, and slaughterhouse waste as field fertilizer. The direct use of organic matter as fertilizer has great disadvantages:

1. Such farm manure is very inconvenient to use and the application of fertilizer is uneven;
2. The maturity of the farm manure takes too long and the egg mortality is low;
3. Farm manure has a foul odor and has certain pollution to the environment;
4. The content of fertilizer in the farm is low, and the fertilizer effect is slow;
5. Cannot be mass produced.

The appearance of organic fertilizer granulator machine can solve the problem of fertilization of traditional crops. It can produce organic fertilizers in batches. There are many points in the production of organic fertilizer granules:
1. Organic fertilizer particles are convenient to store and easy to apply evenly;
2. The bio-organic fertilizer is completely decomposed, and the mortality rate of eggs is over 95%;
3. Organic fertilizer particles have no pollution to the environment after fermentation treatment
4. Improve fertilizer utilization
5. Can be produced in large quantities

The emergence of organic fertilizer granulator machine is a revolution to agricultural production, which can effectively solve the problem of insufficient supply of organic fertilizer in agricultural production, promote the growth of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products, and increase the output of agricultural products; crops grown with organic fertilizer are more green and healthy, Intends people to live a healthy life.