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How to prevent chemical fertilizer poisoning?

Chemical fertilizer plays a major role in the agricultural production and development. Normally, in a narrow sense, chemical fertilizers refer to fertilizers produced by chemical methods. Broadly speaking; chemical fertilizer refers to all inorganic fertilizer and slow effect fertilizer produced by industry. Chemical fertilizer is a general term for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and compound fertilizers.

The nutrient in the chemical fertilizer is rich, but there is also risk when transport and use it. In the production and storage,due to the lack of scientific knowledge on the proper use of chemical fertilizers, chemical poisoning incidents have occurred. It is especially important to prevent chemical fertilizer poisoning when busy farming. Pay attention to the following points:
(1) It is strictly forbidden to move and transport fertilizers in no shirt. Fertilizers have a certain degree of corrosiveness and a large amount of chemical fertilizer powder particles and dissolved brine liquid substances are often adhered to the fertilizer bag. Naked arms and fat fertilizers are bound to contaminate the skin. Therefore, the porter should wear long-sleeved clothes when transporting fertilizer.

(2) Fertilizer storage application classification, and set the sign. When the farmer is storing fertilizer, the fertilizer should not be mixed with fruits, vegetables and foods to prevent pollution or ingestion of poisoning, and it is not suitable for using fertilizer bags to hold food. Fertilizers with strong volatility should be placed in a cool, ventilated and safe place to prevent harmful gas from spilling out.

(3) Pay attention to the safe use of chemical fertilizers. When using fertilizer, you can't use the sweat hand to grab it directly. Spray powder mist or spill solution to should stand on the upper tuyere. Masks and safety glasses must also be worn when using powder. Fertilization is not allowed under hot sun exposure. In addition, after applying fertilizer, it is necessary to wash your face and bathe and change clothes in time. Those who suffer from bronchitis, skin diseases, eye diseases and allergic reactions to chemical fertilizers should not be engaged in fertilization operations.

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