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The meaning of fermentation of chicken manure and method

  In general, during the chicken feeding process, the feed intake is not completely digested and absorbed, and about 40%-70% of the nutrients are excreted, so the chicken manure has the highest nutrients in all livestock manure. It is a relatively high quality organic fertilizer containing pure nitrogen, phosphorus (P2O5) and potassium (K2O) of about 1.63%, 1.54% and 0.085%.

  However, if the chicken manure is directly applied to the crop without being treated or decomposed, there is a great harm and hidden danger, because if the chicken manure is directly applied to the soil, it will ferment and generate a large amount of heat under suitable conditions, This will burn the roots of the crop. At the same time, chicken manure itself also carries a large number of germs, which will also bring disease hazards to crops. Therefore, the chicken manure must be detoxified and completely decomposed before it can be applied to the crop.

  Chicken manure must be fully decomposed before application, and the parasites and their eggs in chicken manure, as well as some infectious bacteria, are inactivated by the process of decomposing. Because chicken manure produces high temperature during the process of decomposing, it is easy to cause nitrogen loss. Therefore, before the chicken manure is ready, it is necessary to add water in an appropriate amount, and adding 5% of superphosphate, the fertilizer effect will be better. After the chicken manure is fully decomposed, it becomes a high-quality base fertilizer for planting crops, or it can be used as a base fertilizer for the whole year in the winter.

  The method of decomposing: the chicken manure can be put into the septic tank for foaming, and the surface sealing and stacking can also be carried out. The traditional method is to seal the chicken manure and carry out anaerobic fermentation, which usually takes 3-4 months to decompose. Now, through biotechnology, aerobic fermentation can be used, the speed of decomposing can be 10-20 times faster than the traditional method; and the macromolecules such as protein of chicken manure can be decomposed into small molecules to facilitate direct absorption of crops. After being completely decomposed, the smell of chicken manure is almost gone.

  Our compost turning machine is the equipment commonly used in the fermentation; it can turn the materials up and down to increase the fermentation speed,it also has the function of broken and mixing,the simple groove turning machine,crawler type turning machine and the double-screws turning machine are popular types among customers.