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Why fresh manure should be fermented first?

  Fresh manure can be applied directly after dilution with water, but why do we have to use it after composting? Because human and animal feces contain undigested and fully absorbed nutrients such as protein, fat, and cellulose, as well as a large amount of water, they provide excellent conditions for bacterial growth. The phenomenon is what we often call fermentation. Whether it is aerobic fermentation or anaerobic fermentation, it will produce high calories (up to 75 degrees Celsius in the composting process). At such high temperatures, the roots of the plants cannot be tolerated at all, and what we call "burning root" will appear. This is one of the reasons. The dilution of water can avoid the proliferation of microorganisms, the temperature will not rise so fast, it will avoid burning roots, so that’s why I say it can be directly applied.

  Second, the human and animal feces contain a large number of germs, For example, coli forms, nematodes, etc., direct application has potential risks to the soil and plant.

  Third, nutrients such as protein and cellulose in feces cannot be directly absorbed by plants, only can be absorbed after they are converted into amino acids, organic acids, sugars, organic salts, etc after composting and fermentation. Compost also can kill bacteria by high temperature, and convert the feces into stable and easily absorbed substances through microbial action, so fresh manure needs to be composted before it can be used as fertilizer.

  At present, the preferred method of decomposing organic fertilizer is high temperature composting. High-temperature composting is based on organic fertilizers and crop straws. It is best not to mix soil in the heap. The high temperature produced by fermentation can kill germs, eggs and weed seeds, and the fertilizer is cooked faster. However, the common compost is more fermented due to more soil mixing, and the compost temperature changes during the decomposing process are smaller, the time required for decomposing is longer, and the quality is poor.

  During the fermentation process,our compost turning machine can help to turn the materials up and down,then can increase fermentation speed.we have simple groove turning machine,crawler type turning machine,double screws turning machine,chain compost turning machine.