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Precautions for installing fertilizer dryer machine on NPK production line

Whether it is organic fertilizer processed by the compost turning machine or NPK fertilizer, dryers are often used in the production and processing of fertilizer plants.

Precautions for installation of NPK production line of dryer

fertilizer dryer machine on NPK production line
1. The machining surface of the two bearing bases of the fertilizer dryer is on the same level, the center distance tolerance is 1 mm, the non parallelism of the longitudinal center line is 0.5 mm, and the horizontal center line is 0.5 mm per meter.

2. The contact angle of the fertilizer dryer should be average, not less than 1-2 points per 50 "50mm, the contact surface between the hollow shaft and the bearing should be 90 ° - 100 ° and not less than 2 points per square inch, and the clearance between the shaft journal and both sides of the bearing of the fertilizer dryer is approximately the same. The granules formed by the fertilizer granulator incline from the drum dryer.

3. The mating surface of the cylinder flange of the dryer equipment and the front end cover should ensure good contact, no gaskets are allowed, and the tolerance of the two hollow shafts is less than 0.8mm. When the big gear ring of the fertilizer dryer and the cylinder end cover are connected and assembled and corrected, the thrust should be consolidated, and the positioning pin should be installed. The radial swing of the ring gear is not more than 0.5mm, and the axial swing is not more than 0.84mm.

4. When the lining plate device of drum dryer is installed, the end cover should be installed first, and the screws should be tightened evenly without water leakage. There should be no gap in the rubber lining of fertilizer dryer, and the gap should be blocked with sponge.

5. The center line of the pinion should be parallel to the center line of the big gear, and its deviation should not be more than 0.2mm per meter. The tooth top clearance is 1 / 4 module, the tooth side clearance is 1.06-1.8mm, the tooth surface contact area of the dryer is not less than 50% of the tooth length and 40% of the tooth height.